Recurring Services

To provide value to our customers we have the option of setting them up on a recurring service plan. A recurring plan will eliminate the wait to get your windows cleaned and will ensure the best hassle free service. It's simple to set up!


You fill out the form below then:

  • We set the services and times in our software and you are automatically secured on our future schedule.
  • As each future appointment arrives you will receive an automated email reminder 2 weeks before to confirm each appointment.

This is not a contract agreement. We only perform the service after the appointment is confirmed. If the appointment doesn't work for whatever reason, no problem, simply reply to the email and we can arrange something else.

A recurring schedule will allow our company to give the best service possible by planning in advance. If you are interested please fill out the form below. From then on enjoy the professional, hassle free service of Frei Style Window Cleaning!


Click here for a more detailed explanation of services and packages involved in the form.