Job Opportunities


Do you want to be part of a rapidly expanding company with lots of room for advancement?


Do you want to work with a team of superstars and no under-performers?


Do you want to be appreciated and recognized for your work?


Do you want to be (highly) compensated based on your performance?


Do you have a history of outstanding job performance?


Will your previous employers have good things to say about you?



If you answered yes to all these questions we would really like to hear from you.


Here at Frei Style Window Cleaning, we spoil people with excellence. In fact EXCELLENCE is our number one core value because we believe that if we are striving for excellence in all that we do, it leaks into every area of our lives. We need a team of excellent people if we want to spoil people with excellence.



If all of the following statements are true then we want to hear from you:


  • -  You are a happy person.
  • -  You dislike egos and "tough guy (or girl)" mentalities
  • -  You like puppies.
  • -  REALLY hard physical work doesn't scare you.
  • -  Heights don't scare you. We work on roofs and ladders every day!
  • -  You want a career that has a future and room for advancement.
  • -  You're teachable AND coachable.

If ANY of the following statements are true then we DO NOT want to hear from you!

  • -  You are an UN-Happy person.
  • - You hate puppies.
  • -  REALLY hard work makes you cry.
  • -  You have a fear of heights!
  • -  You have attitude/negativity/ego problems.
  • -  You smoke, do drugs, or are a big partier.
  • -  You look like a serial killer.



Here is what this career is:


You will start as a service technician with the goal of quickly becoming a crew supervisor.


Once you are competent as a service technician you will be trained to be a crew supervisor and trained to manage other team members. You will be trained to clean windows inside and out, screens, tracks and blinds to perfection.


We offer online training to get you up to speed quickly. You'll learn our culture, job site safety, customer interaction, how to upsell and get an overview of our entire system and processes. Our training is designed to help you excel and move up in our company quickly.


If you have experience we can get you to supervisor level as quickly as you learn our systems and culture. If you have limited or no experience we will start you out on hourly pay ($15 per hour) and quickly get you to production based pay.

Our supervisors make between $600-$800 per week.They are VERY detail oriented. They love their jobs. They love this company. They work very hard but get to work outside every day without someone standing over their shoulders.


If any of this sounds like a good fit for you then please listen very carefully. Call 210-339-2292 Ext 701 to apply. Most people will not follow this instruction because they are not detail oriented and will not read this entire job post.


If you don't call you won't be considered for the position. Are you the one we want to hire next?


P.S.S. We have a solid base of clients and we are just getting started.

P.S.S.S. We spoil our customers with excellence.

P.S.S.S.S. We take care of our staff. They are family.

P.S.S.S.S.S. This is a ridiculous amount of P.S.'s


(Must be able to lift over 100 lbs. easily and be able to carry ladders safely. Must not be afraid of heights and should be comfortable on roofs. Must be legal to work in the US, have a valid drivers license, be able to pass a background check and drug test and have a strong desire to spoil people with excellence.)


((We love men, women, short, tall, black, white and everything in between. If YOU are the right person it will not be because of your age, race, or gender! :))