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Our Process

Here at Frei Style Window Cleaning we strive to be thorough in all that we do, including the estimating process. We have heard stories of companies giving a price over the phone, by email, or even an online estimator only to have the company show up and say that the estimate was not accurate and now the prices have to be raised. We would rather invest the time to come out to your property and take a look at what we are up against, give you a few options for your home with exact prices, and take the time to discuss your individual needs. That way there are no surprises for you or for us. This also gives you the opportunity to meet us in person so you have an idea of the type of people that will be working on and in your home. So here is the Process:




1) Schedule a time for us to stop by and take care of the Free Estimate. You can do that by calling (210)339-2292 or just go to the  Contact us page and fill out the form that gives us all the information we need. We will then call you to schedule a time. Usually its easier to fill out the form online. That way we know your name and address are spelled correctly.




2)We suggest watching the  demo video on our Services page  so you understand what we can do for you and what is included in the different packages. It also helps you to understand what you are getting for the price of the services.




3) We show up for the estimate appointment and take a walk around the outside of your home. In most circumstances that is all we will need. We just ask that any protective dogs be put away and the gates are unlocked so we can get a good look at things. We punch some numbers and then give you a copy of the estimate right on the spot with the different package options and future maintenance options for your home. For more details on the packages and how we clean the windows watch the demo video on our Services page.




4) If everything looks good to you and you want to pull the trigger we can schedule your service for the next available opening that works best for your schedule.




5) We show up for the appointment where it is our goal to blow your socks off with the quality of the work and the character of our team. We want you to be so impressed that you cant wait to go leave us a 5 star review. We typically like to start inside for a few reasons. Usually it is more efficient and it helps eliminate the risk of any water dripping onto the outside of the windows if the windows are not latched properly from inside.




6) With the initial cleaning, we like to leave little tabs marking any windows we noticed that have broken seals or any major problems we think you should be aware of.




7) When we are all wrapped up, we make sure you are satisfied with the job and we get paid.



8) Let us know how you would like to maintain your windows with the different maintenance plans we offer and then you are set to enjoy having clean windows however often you choose.



We believe there are a lot of great companies out there. We strive to be exceptional! We may not be the right fit for everyone, but if you feel we are the right fit for you, we invite you to give us a try and we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations. To hear what some of our customers have to say about us please visit our Testimonials  page and for any further questions you might have, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Have a blessed day!



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